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NIGEBA WEB DESIGNS provide a number of different services to help you maximise your organisation's impact on the web. We can provide these services on an individual basis or as a complete package taking the complication out of getting your organisation online. If you are an individual, SME or larger we can build the right web design solution for you.


Nigeba Web Designs - Services - Web Design


We specialise in the development of a wide range of website solutions from Brochure Web Designs to Bespoke Ecommerce Solutions and Content Management Systems that can be customised to meet your specifications.



Nigeba Web Designs - Services - Website Management


Once your site is online it doesn't stop there, to keep your target audience coming back you need to keep your product /service information consistently up to date. Let us look after this process, freeing you up to get on with what you know best.



Nigeba Web Designs - Services - Search Engine Optimisation (e.g. Google, yahoo, MSN  Rankings)


You do want people to find your website - right? It's important the page elements are placed in the right place, the navigation is workable by search engine robots and the correct text is chosen for titles and headings. Whether a new design or overhauling an existing website, optimising your company's web presence is paramount to reaching your target audience.



Nigeba Web Designs - Services - Web Consultancy


Even if you are managing the setting up of your organisation's website yourself you may find you need a little help and guidance on where to start or possible funding streams and how to avoid the pitfalls. We have the experience in helping organisations, on a consultancy basis, by demystifying the whole process of getting your site successfully online.



Nigeba Web Designs - Services - Web Hosting & Domain Registration


Part of the process of getting your company online is arranging the registration of the website address and setting up the best hosting plan so that it is available to the general public 24/7. We can provide these services inhouse or advise you of competive packages to fit your websites requirements.



Nigeba Web Designs - Other Services including Logo, Business Card and Flyer Design


Although very important the website should just be one form of marketing for your company. Our skilled team can produce other useful forms of marketing material including the more traditional methods like business cards, advertisements and flyers. Combining all these formats will maximise your penetration into your target markets.




If you're interested in any of the Services above or would like to discuss other aspects of your projects please feel free to contact us using the Contact Form or directly with the following details:


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We look forward to hearing from you.




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